Christmas Letter 2020

2020 - Review of a Disappointing Year

First, before reviewing the actual the year, we must highlight this year's special family event and pay homage to Annemarei for having been appointed full professor of internal medicine at the University of Otago. Only few achieve this tremendous recognition, and it highlights Annemarei's scientific success. We are immensely proud of her performance, particularly her father while thinking back to the early stages of his life when he started in 1954 in France as a 14-year-old sawmill worker. At the time, this future was completely out of reach. He did not dare to even imagine such a future and focussed on more modest goals for life.
Our review of the year is easy this time. Covid-19 paralyzed almost everything. Even our cruise to the western Caribbean, which was already planned in detail for 19 family members, literally went into the water and we had to have the travel expenses paid back. We still hope that the cruise will only be postponed until Covid-19 is defeated, maybe in 2022.
There are also good things to say about 2020. The contamination of our earth has been reduced by 40,100 million tons of CO2, about 12% by the United States alone. This happened despite the political will to the contrary of a disastrous president. He not only propagated but actually practiced a philosophy of dishonesty and aggression. His epic storm of lies has poisoned the country and disgusted the civilized world. Mutual hostility and distrust seems to rule opposing parts of society. This metamorphosis becomes evident in road traffic. The formerly friendly and much-vaunted composure of the Americans driver has now often given way to pure belligerence. Fortunately, the pandemic has created social distancing, which may and alleviate confrontation. Will that return to normal?
A period of social and political honesty would be helpful to restore mutual trust. We think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the right people to lead this much-needed process.
Covid-19 has paralyzed everything and changed a lot in our lives. Heidi is artistically productive like never and Dietmar has worked more intensively on new publications. He also evaluated many scientific papers submitted to prime surgical Journals before publication. He will now complete the online list of his publications in Research Gate. This literature portal gives the authors feedback on how often their work is cited, which is very motivating.
Unlike in previous years, the pandemic prevented potential visitors from visiting us this year. Only Walter Moik came before the COVID-19 problem was recognized. He enjoyed the Florida sun and there was enough to do to delight a hobbyist. Dietmar has rediscovered his miniature train and Mark helped him to raise the floor by 50 cm so that Dietmar can also operate the train while sitting.
Before Covid-19 rolled over us, Heidi traveled to Hamburg at the very last minute for 14 days. After that we remained alone in our beautiful house. Below is a photo from the early days without much vegetation. Today our dream house is mostly hidden by a lush vegetation and can no longer be seen, as you can see in the penultimate picture.
So, we both spent our lives alone this year without much social contact. Only Heidi dared to go out and look after customers in her art shop "Nokomis Art". Even Dietmar's 80th birthday was passed without much fanfare. Only Mark, Sarah, and the three girls took part in the birthday party with the obligatory cheesecake. That was in June, in November when the full extent of the pandemic became clearer to us, we decided to forego the in the USA important Thanksgiving. celebrations.
Since there is not much to report apart from the turbulent political events, we have decided to include a few pictures of our beautiful island in our Christmas letter and wish all our friends a better year 2021
Dietmar und Heidi
Love - Dietmar und Heidi

Heidi und Dietmar - 80. Birthday
Meike, Sabine and Fritzi with Opa
Mark and his Papa - 80. Geburtstag
Intracoastal Waterway in the south
Intracostal Waterway with Pelicans enjoying a sand bank at low tide
Our beach before the hurricane

Beach for Treasure Island (Casey Key)


A fisherman's boat leaves the Jetti for stone crab fisching


after the Novemeber hurricane

Low tide whin the intracoastal
Our beach in summer
Intracoastal with picnick bench
On Dec 23 Mark was vaccinated
Casey Key seen from Jetty
Milou watches fishing boats leaving

Our hause hidden by vegetation


Casa Colonna on Casey Key