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About the Wittmann Family

Our branch of the family started with Dietmar H. Wittmann and Heide-Marie Wittmann in 1965. Heidi is a retired school teacher and Dietmar is a retired surgeon. We both studied in Hamburg than at at the University of California in San Francisco (Medical School) and Berkley (Geography), graduated and started 1969 professional life in Hamburg. In 1972/73 we voluntered for Humanitarian Aid at the Mission chirurgicale de la Republique Fed d'Allemagne in Annaba, Algeria. In 1988 we moved to the US where Dietmar was appointed Professor of Surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin.In the new Milenium we moved to Venice Florida for retirement where we designed and built the Arches House on the small island Casey Key. While Dietmar is still active and an advisor to other surgeons, as a reviewer for major surgical journals. and corresponding with surgeons around the world, Heidi has rediscovered her love for art, and is actively producing nature printing pictures. She is part of a small artist group at Dietmar advises surgeons about the propper use of his inventon a temporary fascia prostesis in the management of the Planned Open Abdomen, details aat .

Our children Mark and Annemarei successfully managed the transition from the German Gymnasium in Hamburg to the US educational System. Both became physicians and like to live in the "New World".
Mark completed his residency training at Johns Hopkins University and his wife Lisa her training in Denver University. Both work in Sarasota as anesthesiologist and pediatrician and live with their three daughters in Sarasota 20 minutes' drive from us, Anna completed her neurology residence at the University of Virginia while her husband John studied Philosophy. After two years of private practice in Atlanta they moved with her two daughters to Palmerston North in New Zealand. Anna, besides practicing neurology is advisor to the NZ government and John is in a leading position with the Green Party of New Zealand ( They moved to the capital Wellington wherw Anna accepted a leadership as clinical Director of the Capital and Coast Health Care System ( She was asked to apply for the position of Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Neurology of the University of Otaga (

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